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A Welcome Letter From Jason

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my website.  I hope you find the information within the site to be informative and helpful.  When I first starting writing articles about SBA default resolution, I was apprehensive about “giving away” too much free information.  Why buy the cow, they say, when you can get the milk for free?  Over time, I came to realize that while there is value in the information I provide, the consulting services I provide for my clients in real time can never be duplicated, no matter how many articles I write.  Once that realization set in, I have endeavored to cover every question I’ve been asked by actual and prospective clients over the years about settling commercial debt and sba loan foreclosure conditions.

If you are considering hiring me to help you, there are some important things you should know about me:

  • My only area of focus is SBA loan settlements and modifications.  I do this to ensure that I remain aware of all the current policies and changes to SBA protocol.  SBA loan settlements require very specific knowledge, so simply having experience with commercial debt settlement is not enough.  Keep this in mind when interviewing potential advisors.
  • I Pride Myself on Being Responsive and Available.  During a time when you are in dire need of help, it’s my job to reduce your anxiety.  While settlement is the ultimate goal, I also know that having an accessible advisor can alleviate the stress of wondering when (or if) you will get a call back.  I’m constantly amazed by people who have questions about the legal or bankruptcy process that went unanswered because the borrower couldn’t get their attorney on the phone.  I simply don’t allow things like that to happen.
  • I Don’t Make Empty Promises or Guarantees.  These days, it seems that everyone with something to sell makes bold guarantees.  But really, what does it mean for me to say that I guaranty that I will settle your debt if there are no real consequences if I don’t deliver?  For that reason, I make it clear in my consulting agreement that there are no guarantees of success.  Is my track record good?  Yes, extremely good.  Will I do everything in my power to help you? Of course.  Can I 100% guaranty success?  Unfortunately not, and neither can anyone else.  In most cases, my fees and payment terms are more reasonable than my competitors to begin with, but in the rare case when they are not lower, I will match any reasonable fee structure. If you think I’m the guy to help you, let’s talk.  I can almost always find mutually agreeable terms with borrowers who wish to hire me.
  • The Buck Stops With Me – Who would you rather have fighting for you: an employee of a company, or the founder and owner of the company?  With me you will always get the latter.  All decisions are made by me, all work products are produced by me, and all negotiations are performed by me.  When you hire me, I will handle all aspects of your file from start to finish, so you never have to worry about getting passed to a junior, less experienced employee once you engage my services.
  • The Only True Insider – To my knowledge, no other SBA Workout Consultants can claim they know the process from the inside.  I worked for banks for 11+ years, including 2 overseeing a team of workout officers that serviced a $400 Million SBA loan portfolio.
  • 100% “Above Board” – The basis for a settlement is honesty and offering full disclosure, and I will never advocate a strategy that deviates from that premise.  Schemes like selling your business to a friend, an associate, or to a new corporation (which is owned or controlled by you, a friend, or business associate) are all fraudulent.  If you aren’t telling your bank the whole truth about the relationship between you and the buyer, you are probably doing something wrong. 

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to email me at or call me toll free at 1-877-436-4533 with any questions you might have.


Jason Milleisen

Founder & Owner, Distressed Loan Advisors

Questions To Ask A Potential Debt Settlement Advisor

  1.  Are you experienced in financial statement analysis (both personal and business)?
    (Note: as a former banker with 16 years experience, I routinely analyzed all types of financial statements, tax returns, and personal financial statements.  As a consultant, I know exactly what the banks and SBA focus on when looking at your financial info and what happens if you default on sba.  It’s important to note that many SBA settlements go through intermediaries such as a bank, so there is no direct negotiation going on with the SBA.  This fact makes it crucial that your SBA expert have a strong grasp on how the SBA thinks. )
  2. Have you ever settled the type of SBA loan I have?
    (Note: there are a number of SBA loan types (504, 7a, and Express are the most common), and they are all settled in different departments, and therefore settlement offers are viewed differently in different SBA departments.  Not understanding the difference between all the loan types could mean your consultant is “winging it”).
  3. Will I be working with the business owner who is featured on your website?
    Or will I be assigned to someone else? (Self promoting note: I personally handle all my client’s files).  If so, what specific SBA settlement and loan forgiveness experience does the person handling my file have?
  4. What specific experience do you have that qualifies you as an SBA settlement expert?
  5. Can you provide a list of SBA loan settlements you’ve obtained for clients?
  6. Do you have any literature (website, blog, pamphlet etc) where I can get a better feel for the depth of your SBA settlement knowledge?
  7. Is SBA settlements all you do, or do you focus on a number of areas? (Note: 99% of my business is SBA settlements.  I live it and breath it all day, every day. That’s what makes me an expert).

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