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Below is just a small sample of results achieved for clients:



$1,562,002$55,000$1,507,002 (96%)
$1,301,394$52,270$1,249,124 (96%)
$1,330,019$80,000$1,250,019 (94%)
$468,772$65,635$403,173 (86%)
$703,982$210,000$493,182 (70%)
$949,847$50,000$899,847 (95%)
$677,808$94,000$587,808 (87%)
$490,880$49,100$441,780 (90%)
$951,892$50,000$901,892 (95%)
$922,174$50,000$872,174 (95%)
$456,092$85,072$370,772 (81%)
$315,031$122,000$193,031 (61%)
$520,994$120,000$400,994 (77%)
$40,737$15,000$25,737 (63%)
$24,005$10,000$14,005 (58%)
$55,943$20,000$35,943 (64%)
$295,000$15,000$280,000 (95%)
$160,782$30,000$130,782 (81%)
$270,340$10,858$259,481 (96%)
$37,351$8,000$29,351 (79%)
$96,443$5,000$91,443 (95%)
$499,410$46,000$453,410 (91%)
$429,000$110,325$318,675 (74%)
$113,336$57,000$56,336 (50%)
$99,000$25,000$74,000 (75%)
$221,000$56,921$164,079 (74%)
$117,680$30,00087,680 (75%)
$517,784$250,000$267,784 (52%)
$365,000$45,000$320,000 (88%)
$268,419$30,000$238,419 (89%)
$213,000$75,000$138,000 (64%)
$40,997$12,000$28,997 (71%)
$63,969$10,000$53,969 (84%)
$110,054$9,652$100,402 (91%)
$50,769$7,208$43,561 (86%)


What some of our clients have to say about their experience with Jason Milleisen and DLA:

“Thank you again for getting this reduced. I was skeptical about hiring a consultant (especially online). I was even advised to just go ahead and do whatever it took to try and come up with the money. I researched this topic for days on the internet and could not find a single negative comment about you or your business, and now I understand why: you do exactly what you say you will do and I am very pleased with the outcome. I also plan to mention your name to the financial adviser that told me it could not be settled for less than the full amount.”

“We are so thankful that we were able to find Jason during such a difficult time in our lives. He was a godsend, and we are going to be able to keep our house thanks to the work performed by Jason. After seeing the successful business that we had built over many years come crashing down in these tough economic times, we found ourselves left with a large SBA Loan that we had personally guaranteed with a lien against our home. We were forced to file for bankruptcy, and were told by our Bankruptcy Attorney to stop making payments against the house, as there was no way that we would be able to negotiate any sort of deal with the SBA. We wanted to keep the house, and after hours of searching websites for a way to do this, we kept coming back to Jason’s website at www.jasontees.com. We were extremely skeptical about working with someone that we had only met online, but after talking with several references, we felt more comfortable with using Jason’s services. This was probably the best decision we made within the past 12 months! Jason was a true professional, and he put us at ease from the get go. He discussed our desired outcome with us, and then diligently went to work on negotiating an Offer In Compromise (OIC) for us. Jason was very patient throughout the entire undertaking, constantly keeping us informed via emails and phone calls of his negotiations. Finally, after several months of negotiation (be patient, this is a time consuming process, and be rest assured that Jason is staying on top of things all along the way), Jason was able to negotiate a settlement for about 10% of the amount we owed! We have just received final notification that the lien against our house has been removed! While no-one has the intention of getting into a situation like we did, the reality is that it has become all too common these past few years. If you should find yourself in a similar situation and have a large SBA Loan or lien hanging over your head, we can only give you two words of advice – CALL JASON. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed.”

“I’ve been in management and financial consulting for over 20 years with national firms but knew I was out of my league with the SBA lien on our home. Fortunately Jason was very knowledgeable, responsive, and impressed me from the beginning as a professional. He was also willing to structure his fee based on results. All in, significantly better value than the other (larger) firm I checked with. The outcome was beyond our expectations as the lender removed the lien on our home for less than half a cent on the dollar.”

“Jason assisted us with a workout for our SBA loan; he knew exactly who to contact and what to do to ensure that both the lender and the SBA gave adequate consideration to our offer. After years of trying to work with the lender and SBA on our own, Jason was able to help us settle our debt at terms that were reasonable for us, and he did it in less than four months! Not only was he efficient in helping us arrange our SBA workout, he was always professional and courteous. We both agree that Jason is the most professional person we’ve worked with in many years. We strongly recommend you contact Jason if you need to arrange a workout for a small business loan.”

“I wanted to send a sincere thank you for your help in modifying our SBA business loan to terms that really ease a financial burden. After many long days of stress and worry trying to figure out how to best handle our situation, you made the process much clearer and easier to navigate. Working full time and having a family really makes it difficult to give the situation the time and attention it deserved, so to have a professional handle each and every step of this process was a huge help. For anyone considering hiring a consultant, I would say don’t hesitate, schedule a consultation and get the ball rolling, you won’t regret it. Thank you Jason!”

“Working with Jason has been incredible. In a time of uncertainty and worry, Jason provided such professionalism. From our very first interaction, he exceeded our expectations. He explained the settlement process thoroughly, provided realistic guidance and was a true advocate. Once the settlement was reached, I received tremendous praise for Jason’s quality of work from the [bank] representative at [bank name redacted]; she informed me that ours was one of the quickest settlements she’d dealt with, and she credited that in large part to Jason. I am truly grateful not only for the monetary benefits of working with him…but also for his compassion. That quality has helped me in moving past a difficult situation and into a bright, new future.”

“Jason helped guide me through a very difficult time. He doesn’t offer miracles or quick fixes; just good, sound advice that comes from his knowledge of commercial lending. My situation was not static, it was changing day-by-day and Jason was able to keep track and also, keep his eye on the ball for me so I did not get distracted.”

“Jason, you are a breath of fresh air, I have been under the thumb of [name redacted] for so long and have on so many occasions had to swallow his curt and controlling nature that it is enlightening to see some one come to our defense. I appreciate your candor more than you will ever know.”

“Jason is very astute in the SBA process, in which the rules are constantly changing. This is an area where I feel that few people have expertise and it is very difficult to work directly with the banks because–from my perspective–the bank can not fairly represent their own interest and the mortgage holder’s interest so the possibility of the mortgage/note holder not being objectively informed is high. In fact, Jason had to explain to the bank that some of the paperwork they were requesting in my case, was not required. This saved us a lot of time and paperwork. It was a pleasure to have Jason work with me on my SBA loan workout. He is very honest, responsive, knowledgeable and credible. I felt very comfortable with Jason communicating directly with the bank on my behalf. I highly recommend Jason without reservation.”

“After spending 6 months beating my head against the wall trying to reach a settlement with the bank, I enlisted Jason to see what he could do. Just having Jason in my corner seemed to lift a ton of weight off of my shoulders. It seemed like within 3 weeks we reached a settlement with the bank. I might also add that Jason wasn’t the first person I talked to about my situation. I contacted another group that I found online but something just didn’t sit right with me. Further research confirmed my feelings. I spoke with Jason on 3 or 4 occasions and then actually spoke with 2 of his references that he provided me before signing on with him. Hiring Jason was the best thing that I had done! Thank you for giving me my life back!”

“I had the unfortunate circumstance of being the co-signer of a defaulted SBA backed loan. In an effort to understand my rights and options and to have some expertise in my corner I reached out to Jason. Neither my accountant or lawyer had any direct experience so I felt that I needed some guidance. Jason quickly reached out to me and we discussed my situation and he was straight forward and realistic about the possible outcomes, time frames, & what services he could provide to assist me. Right from the start he took over all dealings which included phone calls and emails, which in itself was a relief. He also handled all negotiations while staying in very close contact with me through out the process….I would recommend putting experience and a neutral party between you and the SBA and their collection agencies as soon as possible.”

“We found Jason to be the quintessential professional with a well-balanced blend of competence, experience and cordiality. He clearly communicates expectations and walked us through the entire process. He responded in a timely manner to all our questions and concerns and followed through on everything he said he would do. He always offered insightful suggestions, had a sincere willingness to work with us and our bank, and get the job done. Bottom line, Jason was able to save our home by negotiating with our SBA lender to release their lien on our house. We eagerly give our endorsement of Jason’s skills and professionalism without qualification and with the highest praise.”

“After working very hard to try and save my IT services business, a bad economy coupled with an unscrupulous employee wiped out my company and left me with almost $500K in SBA loans. My initial conversation with the banks did not go very well. They were not interested in settling for anything less than 80% of the total amount due … an amount which I had no way of paying now, or even into the foreseeable future. I had read some thing about Jason Milleisen on the internet and decided to give him a call …. and boy was I glad that I did. In addition to his expertise in the business of trying to help small-businessmen such as myself with SBA loan workouts, he has many years of banking experience where he was in a position much like the bankers I was trying to deal with. In other words, he could empathize with the bankers and knew what their ‘hot buttons’ were. Once engaged, Jason immediately established a direct line of communication with the banks. From there, he was able to take complete control of the Offer In Compromise (OIC) process and, through great determination along with many phone calls, emails and letters, he was able to get it favorably resolved with minimal participation by myself, leaving me free to continue to wind down the business and look for new opportunities. Through his diligence, he was able to break open the log-jams that occurred between the banks and the SBA on multiple occasions. The results were that I was able to get the OICs accepted by paying ~30% of the face-value of the loans while still leaving my personal credit rating intact. I would recommend that anyone else in the same situation as I was to call Jason and get him engaged in the process ASAP.”

“After missing my opportunity to negotiate with the bank I received a notice of default from the SBA. Like most people I did extensive internet research on submitting an Offer In Compromise (OIC) and came to the conclusion that too many unknowns existed for me to successful on my own. After contacting Jason my confidence increased immediately. Jason ensured my OIC was submitted to the appropriate personnel at the SBA, he worked directly with the SBA to submit additional documentation, and most importantly he delivered a successful outcome! Lastly, Jason kept me informed throughout the process by providing all his communications with the SBA and I have no doubt he has built an outstanding reputation at the SBA.”