Jason was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article about EIDL loans. Click on "EIDL Advice" for a link to the story.
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About Distressed Loan Advisors

When you engage DLA, you are engaging a firm that brings a wealth of positive attributes to the table:

Extensive SBA Experience:

DLA has extensive experience with SBA loan settlements and modifications.  Jason’s previous experience as a workout officer for an SBA lender provides insight from all perspectives, giving him edge over the competition. His familiarity with debt SBA policies and procedures continues to make him an experienced leader and effective negotiator.

Many borrowers believe they need an attorney to settle their SBA debt.  Not true.  When choosing who will negotiate on your behalf, you need someone who is an expert at finance, negotiation, and most importantly, the SBA settlement process.

Hand’s On Approach:

DLA provides a hands-on approach to resolving your financial issues, and when you engage our services, you will always be working directly with Jason, and not some low-level order taker.  The importance of one point of contact is crucial when dealing with your financial matters at stake.  Jason will work with you through the process, from start to resolution.  You can feel confident that you are sharing your story with one person, always getting the attention and advice you deserve from an industry expert.

Financial Analysis Expertise:

Along with his direct SBA workout experience, Jason is skilled at cash flow and financial statement analysis.  When it comes to modifying and settling debt, having such skills makes all the difference. Some workout consultants will steer borrowers away from loan modifications because they don’t have credit skills needed to analyze a borrowers financial condition.  DLA will advise a course of action based on what’s in your best interest, not what will earn us the highest fee.

Ethics and Integrity: 

We have built a business around ethical business practices.  We don’t pitch schemes that could be construed as fraudulent or unethical.  You can be sure that when it comes to “rolling up our sleeves”, our goal is your goal.  We clearly define our fees, with the bulk coming as a result of successful modification or settlement.  Our fees are typically significantly lower than our competitors.


DLA has stream-lined the process to make it easy for you.  The process begins with a discussion with Jason followed by the proper paperwork exchanges.  Once the paperwork is submitted, Jason works through the process on your behalf, constantly updating you along the way.  We don’t make it any harder than it needs to be by asking you to complete more paperwork than is necessary.  We know exactly how the process works, and how to get maximum results.

Professional Assurance:

While the matter is personal to you, negotiating a settlement needs to be approached as a business transaction.  When you engage DLA, you are assured that the matter will be handled with the utmost professionalism. Unlike most SBA workout consultants, Jason direct SBA workout experience.  That banker you’ve been dealing with?  Jason had their job, so he knows what they want to see, and how they want to see it.  Bankers don’t want to hear “sad stories” when negotiating settlements – – they want the facts in a clear and concise presentation.  Working with Jason will ensure that you banker gets the information they need in the format they want to see it.

About The Business Owner:

Jason Milleisen, his wife Amy, and their daughters Giuliana and Hannah reside in Montclair, NJ.

Jason Milleisen is a former Vice President for one of the country’s largest SBA lenders, and has experience with all types of loans and businesses, from $5,000 unsecured lines of credit all the way up to $1 Billion large corporate syndications. He has 10+ years of commercial loan experience, and was credit trained at the 2nd largest financial institution in the world. His mission as a small business consultant is to help small businesses to achieve their goals, and when things go wrong, be there to help resolve the issues.

Jason graduate magna cum laude from St. Bonaventure University with a degree in finance, and a secondary concentration in accounting.  In addition to his academic achievements, Jason was named a 1st team selection on the 2000 Division I GTE Academic-All America Baseball team, an honor reserved for only 11 Division I baseball players.

In his capacity as an SBA workout specialist for one of the largest SBA lenders, Jason oversaw a team that handled a delinquent SBA loan portfolio in excess of $400,000,000.  Jason worked directly with business owners and the SBA to settle numerous personal guarantees.  Simply put, Jason has been here before, and has pretty much seen it all. Jason knows how banks think, and knows how to devise a strategy to leave you and your business in the best possible financial position.

In addition to his corporate experience, Jason has been involved in a number in entrepreneurial ventures (some successful, some not), so when you work with DLA, you are working with someone who has walked a mile in your shoes.