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Phone: .  Email: Jason@jasontees.com

Our Services and Fees

“Off Hours” Consultation – (30 Minutes – $395)

Available for ALL loan types. If it absolutely cannot wait (my calendar is full, nights, weekends, holidays, etc), please email me at jason @ jasontees.com to inquire about availability. If I’m able to accommodate you, I will email you payment options. (Note: Please email me only if your desired time/day is not available on my online calendar. Otherwise, scroll down for scheduling options.)

SBA 7a LOAN CASE EVALUATION (30 Minutes – $345*)

This service is NOT for EIDL borrowers (see below for EIDL options). During your 7a Case Evaluation, I’ll review your situation, and advise what your options are based on your specific circumstances, including likelihood of an Offer in Compromise.

*If you choose to retain me to assist with an Offer in Compromise, this fee will be a credit towards those fees.

Click here to schedule a Case Evaluation for your SBA 7a Loan with Jason.


Click here to schedule a 30 Minute EIDL Advisory Session with Jason

You’ll get exclusive access to Jason. The entire conversation will be focused on your specific circumstances. We’ll get as deep into the weeds as you feel you need, and skip over the stuff you already know or don’t need to know. Typical topics include:

  • Latest Update on Hardship Accommodation
  • Latest Update on Treasury Recalls
  • What if I need to close my business?
  • What do I do with the collateral?
  • What happens if I don’t make my payment?
  • Can I settle my EIDL loan?
  • Can I sell my business?
  • Will SBA take my loan back from Treasury?
  • What can the Treasury do to collect?
  • How do I know if I personally guaranteed my EIDL loan?
  • Will my credit be impacted?
  • What does “Charged Off” or “In Liquidation” mean?
  • Explanation of collection tools currently used by SBA & Treasury

Due to the high number of inquiries I receive, I unfortunately do not offer free consultations, nor can I respond to emails with “just one quick question” or to let you know if “it’s worth it” for you to schedule a case evaluation.

Free EIDL Audio Course (20+ Minutes)

Covers 6 common EIDL default questions that I get from borrowers.

“Full Service” SBA Offer in Compromise Consulting

For All SBA loan Types (where OIC is available)

Flat Fee Option: $6500 – One flat fee, paid upfront.

Contingency Fee Option:

$3500 Upfront plus 5%* of Amount Forgiven (Fee Capped at $10K for EIDL loans, $20K for all other loan types).

*7.5 % if the loan balance is less than $100K.

I’ll guide you through the entire process,  and will remain available until the matters is resolved. The ultimate goal is an approved OIC.  No hourly billings. The bulk of my fee is only due is an OIC is approved.

I will work with you to prepare your OIC package.  I’ll conduct an initial interview to determine eligibility, and review all documentation.

Revise your draft of the PFS (SBA Form 770) in order to ensure it’s complete and accurate, adding addendums where needed.

I will draft the SBA OIC (SBA Form 1150) that you can submit to your lender/SBA. I do not handle communications with your lender/SBA (don’t stress, it’s mostly just sending emails and following up).

Not sure if it’s worth it to hire someone like me? I’ve attempted to answer that question here and here.

“Review Only” SBA Offer in Compromise Consulting

Flat Fee of $3500 for all SBA loan typesYou prepare the OIC package, and I’ll review and recommend edits and changes. Includes all my time to help prepare the offer plus up to 2 hours of additional consulting advice once the OIC is submitted to the lender (2 hours is typically enough, but if things go sideways, additional time will be billed at $250 per 30 minutes.)

The big difference between this and the “Full Service” OIC Consulting is that you are in charge of putting pen to paper. I just advise on what edits and changed to make.