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Our Services and Fees


Case Evaluation: $250. This fee will be credited to any other products or services (i.e. you’ll get $250 off those fees), should you choose to purchase them.

I’ll review your situation and advise what your options are, based on the circumstances of your situation.

The case evaluation fee is charged for all SBA loan types and circumstances. Due to the high number of inquiries I receive, I unfortunately do not offer free phone consultations.

Schedule an evaluation here:


I’ll Guide You: You prepare, then I review your SBA Offer in Compromise: $1,500 Plus 2%* of Amount Forgiven ($250 off if you’ve previously paid for a Case Evaluation in the past 6 months.)

*4% if the loan balance is less than $100K

My Guided OIC Services Includes:

  • Up to 2 hours of consulting advice (more than enough time, most people don’t use it all)
  • You prepare all the forms, then I review and suggest edits.
  • Checklist of required SBA documentation.
  • PDF version of SBA Forms you need to complete.

I provide the same information as my full service option, except you complete the forms, and I just tell you what edits to make. We’ll discuss the strengths of your case, the hurdles we’ll face, what your bank and the SBA is likely to be concerned about, and how we overcome those concerns.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a 100% complete and thorough SBA Offer In Compromise package that’s ready to submit.

To purchase Guided OIC Preparation, please send an email to


Full Service OIC Consulting: $2500 Upfront plus 5%* of Amount Forgiven (Fee Capped at $20K).

*10% if the loan balance is less than $100K.

I’ll guide you through the entire process,  and will remain available until the matters is resolved. The ultimate goal is an approved OIC.  No hourly billings.

I will work with you to prepare your OIC package.  I’ll conduct an initial interview to determine eligibility, send you a checklist of required items, and review all documentation.

Revise your draft of the PFS (SBA Form 770) in order to ensure it’s complete and accurate, adding addendums where needed.

I will draft the SBA OIC (SBA Form 1150) that you can submit to your lender/SBA. I do not handle communications with your lender/SBA.

Questions? Send an email to