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Since 2009, DLA founder and former bank VP Jason Milleisen has saved small business owners just like you millions of dollars through successful Offer In Compromise negotiations.


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SBA Loan Forgiveness Consultants

At Distressed Loan Advisors, we are SBA loan forgiveness consultants who help borrowers avoid the consequences of defaulting on SBA loans.  While we are not SBA attorneys or lawyers, Jason is a former bank vice president, and oversaw an SBA delinquent loan portfolio at the height of the “great recession” in 2009.  This experience taught Jason what the SBA wants to see, and how they want to see it. At first glance, SBA form 770 and 1150 seem simple enough to complete, but the truth is that there are certain things the SBA wants to see.  The key to avoiding serious SBA default consequences is not simply to tell your “sad” story. The SBA has heard it all before, and they don’t simply let people walk away because they got a bad break. Rather, the SBA OIC process is a borrower’s opportunity to make their case as to why an SBA Offer In Compromise makes sense for everyone involved.  When you retain Distressed Loan Advisors, you get insights from an SBA loan forgiveness consultant who has presided over hundreds of OICs, and saved clients millions of dollars. 

We walk you through the SBA Offer In Compromise process, and Jason help his clients work through the tough questions that inevitably arise such as: 

–    How much should I offer to settle my SBA loan?

–    What are the consequences of defaulting on an SBA loan?

–    Am I at risk of the bank or SBA foreclosing on my home?

–    Will it hurt my personal credit score if I settlement my SBA loan?

This is just a small sample of issues that Jason assists clients with.  Every situation is unique, but Jason has the experience and insight to help you work through yours.