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Been going down an internet rabbit hole trying to find SBA EIDL loan information? It’s confusing, I get it.

The number of people who find me after they’ve wasted money on attorneys and accountants who know nothing about EIDL is nuts. One client told me this week that he paid a $10,000 retainer to one attorney to try to get his loan back from Treasury. That’s just insane.

Don’t know who’s right or who to trust? Read my bio here and the Wall Street Journal, NY Post, and United Business Journal articles I’m featured in. Also, check out the resources below, then decide for yourself.

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Note: The EIDL situation is constantly and quickly evolving, so info contained in these posts could become outdated quickly. Subscribing to my Youtube channel or scheduling a EIDL Advisory Session are your best bets for the most current updates.

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3/8/24 – Jason Milleisen featured in Wall Street Journal, NY Post, and United Business Journal articles.

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1/5/24 – EIDL Update. Defaulted Loans of $100K or less will be sent to Treasury.

1/1/24: EIDL Update (January 10th, 2024) Past due EIDL loans $100K or less have a 60 day grace period before they get referred to Treasury.

11/22/23: Why SBA May Be Avoiding EIDL Loan Forgiveness (Hint: It’s already a Bloodbath for them)

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5/20/23: EIDL Offer in Compromise (May 2023 Update)

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