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SBA Offer In Compromise and Debt Settlement

Sometimes closing a business is the right thing to do. Why continue to lose money month after month? At some point it becomes prudent to face the reality that your business just won’t make it. You aren’t giving up on your dream, you are simply cutting your losses so you can move on to the next venture.

DLA has extensive experience in negotiating business loans with banks and the SBA. In order to mitigate their losses, banks will often be willing to negotiate the debt that you owe. We will analyze the entire situation and recommend the best course of action in SBA Offer In Compromise program. We can also negotiate directly with lenders on your behalf. 

We’ve been lenders before, so we know exactly how lenders think. We will make strategies in order to reduce loss during SBA loan defaultWe’ll get the situation resolved so you can move on with your life. Closing a business is hard, but we’ll help you minimize the financial and emotional loss.

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